RIY#43 MIC OFF 04/10/16

The Silver Mt. Zion - sow some lonesome corner so many flowers bloom

Wrekmeister Harmonies - light falls ii - the light burns us all

Motherfucker - wild cherry nightmare

Svin - Glatnakke

Surfer Rosa - Dogs Money

The St Pierre Snake Invasion - Innocent

Mouse on the Keys - Memory

Shub - Franky Vincent goes to hollywood

Pj Harvey -  A perfect day Elise

Jon and the Vons - Take the Bait

Marvin - Barry 

Parquet Courts - Pretty Machines 

Publicist UK - Telegraphing 

Le singe Blanc - Cheuby

Zarboth - Forget your head

T.I.T.S - You make me sick

Queens of the stone age - Ode to Clarissa

Classe Mannequin - Fakir 

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo school of medicine (LARD COVER) - FORKBOY

Girls Pissing on gils pissing - Land of the long white stain

Oathbreaker - Needles in your skin

Abdullah & Dragonauta - Split - Brightest Day

The Hand - Here comes Mr Sunshine

Vanishing life - Realist 

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